Guy Flies On $32,000 Flight To Abu Dhabi

Guy Flies On $32,000 Flight To Abu Dhabi

As his name implies, The Points Guy explains how to best take advantage of your credit card points and miles. Naturally, he flies a lot. As the United Arab Emirates luxury airline Etihad has just debuted their most expensive and exclusive flight that makes first class look down right cheap and proletarian, The Points Guy wanted to try it out. 

Named Residence, the specialty ticket cost $ 32,000 to fly from JFK airport to Abu Dhabi. So what do you get for spending what many people make in one year on a 12 hour flight? Your own three room suite on the plane, including a shower, a butler, a personal chef, and much more. Is it worth it? Considering they lost his luggage? Probably not. But it’s fun to imagine…


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